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Export Overview


Crystal Reports may be exported in multiple formats to multiple destinations. As Crystal Reports in TIMS runs from a Microsoft Windows environment the same method that is applied to exporting a Word or Excel document will also be applied to the exporting of Crystal Reports. Below is a list of the export format types and destinations available. See the To Export section on this page for an outline of the basic fundamentals on exporting.

For further help and tips in regards to Exporting, access the Windows help wizard in a windows application such as Word or Excel or use the Windows link below to access the online export support.
Go to: Microsoft Help


- Adobe PDF.
- Crystal Reports.
- Microsoft Excel 97-200.
- Microsoft Word.
- Rich Text Format.
- XML.
- Text.


- Application.
- Disk File.
- Exchange Folder.
- Lotus Domino.
- Lotus Domino Mail.

To Export

- Select the Export Icon to activate the export set-up box.
- Select the relevant format and destination.
- Select OK to export the current Crystal Report.

To use the Interactive Demonstration on Crystal Reports, click here.


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