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Preview & Print Overview


Previewing and printing could not be made more simple in Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports in TIMS runs from a Microsoft Windows environment. This means the same method that is applied to printing a Word or Excel document will also be applied to the printing and previewing of Crystal Reports. Below is a brief outline of the preview and printing functions available in the Crystal Report format.

For further help and tips in regards to Printing, access the Windows help wizard in a windows application such as Word or Excel or use the Windows link below to access the online print support.
Go to: Microsoft Help

Preview Function

- Crystal Reports are zoom adjustable and can be enlarged or fitted to one page simply by selecting from the zoom percentage at the top of the report.

- To locate a specific record(s) in possibility the mists of hundreds, use the tree menus located at the top of the report under the Preview tab, left hand side, to 'drill down' to a specific record.

- If the preview column is not visible, select the preview Icon to activate the column.

Print Function

- To print select the Print Icon at the top of the report to activate the print box.

- To edit a Crystal Reports printer settings, select the Print Setup Icon to activate the Print Setup box.

To use the Interactive Demonstration on Crystal Reports, click here.


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